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March 1, 2009

‘ The velvety darkness of the night encompassing millions of brilliant stars shining on, the full moon spilling white light of infinite pleasure, the endless waves splashing the rocks ashore, all seem dwarfed by the angelic beauty and yet accentuate the impeccable features seemingly sculpted by God himself to marvel at his skills ‘
The blissful joy emanating at just the mere thought is beyond words, just thinking  induces the state of ecstasy …

“The Grass was Greener, The Light was Brighter, With Friends Surrounded, The Nights of Wonder”

Life finds a new meaning and everything wraps around those thoughts, emotions, feelings. Everything around is different. How I wish time just stops and I remain “comfortably numb” just talking and talking heedless to the surroundings and enjoying each and every word without the slightest knowledge of the words spoken … the mere company is all that matters …

Just kicking this out of my drafts folder … It has been there for too long. I never got to continue this and at the same time never want to end this. Off you go into the swirl of old yet distinct memories … 🙂

Note: Title suggestions are always accepted 🙂 … I am always bad titles 😦

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  1. avinash permalink
    March 12, 2009 3:07 pm

    Paris .. when and why ????…..

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